Metal Rings



7 thoughts on “Metal Rings

      • Well I may well be wrong as I am still playing about with them and still getting to grips with my camera and the many factors that go into it. But I think due to the extra focal length added between the body and the lens and depending what setting you are using, can cause the slight grainy\noisy effect, just like there is in the nails photos I did a few weeks back or it could be something I am just doing wrong! I used my 35mm lens for these with either the 12mm or 20mm extension.


        This is the site that helped me choose to buy the tubes as I already had the 35mm lens, though these don’t have any grainy photos on them (I am not sure where I got the idea it was the tubes) I plan to have a lot more practice and experimentation with them.


        It’s all about the light! Just done some other test shots, it’s good when you find a breakthrough, can’t blame the tools. Still very happy how the original photo turned out.

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