Blog Honours


I am not sure if am an worthy of these awards, but really appreciate it and grateful, it adds to the fun of blogging and that people appreciate my photos.

I have been very fortunate to be awarded \nominated for the One Lovely Blog award and the Very Inspiring Blogger award.
Though I have been very slow at following the rules. So if acceptable I am combing them in this post.

Firstly thanks goes to Sigoese ( for nomiating me for the One Lovely Blog award back in October

Visit his great site, for wonderful photos which has pushed me on to improve mine.

I would also very much like to the thank the Motioners ( for rewarding me with this Very inspring Award

According to rules of this prize I must:
1. include the logo of the prize
2. place a link to the person rewarding my blog
3. write 7 things about ourselves
4. nominate 15 blogs
5. inform nominees

Seven things about me:

1. I live in Devon, UK
2. I have only really liked taking photos in the last couple of years
3. My camera bag is getting heavier
4. I have been to America once to New York
5. Favourite colour is blue
6. I like all types of photography and have not settled on one thing
7. I am an ale drinker

Now the nominees: splendid blogs which inspire me  (random order)

Håkan Dahlström
Joshi Daniel
Leanne Cole
Manoli Rizo
Mariko Evans
Peter Knight
Risto Keränen
Evan Zelermyer
Calee Photography
Rob Cartwright
Mike Osborn

Thank you to Airpic over at who has nominated me with the sunshine award. At air pic there are amazing aerial photos.


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