Isolation – Peaceful Thoughts

Going Solo
This was taken at Sidmouth, it was the last photo I took that day and saw this person having a solo kayak in the sea, it looked very peaceful with all their thoughts to themselves.


Dave the Cocker Spaniel


A friend of ours have a puppy Cocker Spaniel. I took lots of photos of him and this is the only one that I thought was usable and sharp enough, he is one fast little guy.

Macro Leaf

Leaf Colour 1Leaf Monochrome





















I had a large dried leaf and decided to have a play with my macro lens,  I am quite pleased with the outcome and think they can potentially look like high up aerial photos, it works quite well in monchrome too.

Leaf Colour 2

St Ives… Thinking of warmer days

St Ives

I have been thinking of warmer, sunny days latey, I am ready for Spring. This was taken from Porthminster beach looking on to the main tourist beach area in St Ives.

Rings, Grill and Reflection

A cropped photo of a car’s badge and grill with a bit of reflection from Exeter’s Iron Bridge.

Still Holding On

Sidmouth Boat
Every time I go to Sidmouth I take a photo of this marooned boat and this is the first time I have been happy with the outcome, the conditions helped i.e. the sky had clouds but not too covered the sun was out but not overpowering.

This was a bracketed photo merged in Lightroom, with a bit of warmth and sharpening added, it is pleasing that not much had to be edited and has become one of my favourite photos that I have taken for a while.

This is best viewed full screen. Click on the photo.

Exeter Princesshay

Princesshay Car Park
A couple of photos taken of Exeter Princesshay. The photo above is the outside of the multi storey car park (you wouldn’t think it from the outside) and the photo below is the side of a large shop. I did have a look at square cropping the below photo but ultimately I left it as it was, I couldn’t decide if it it helped or hindered the flow of the photo.

Window Abstract

Walking Into The Sea

Walking Into The Sea
A walk along Teignmouth beach last Sunday late afternoon with the sun setting, very nice though I had to be quick before my feet got wet.

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