Flowing Water – Avon River

Flowing Water - Avon River
This was taken on a nice and leisurely walk up to the Avon Dam on Dartmoor, the walk follows the Avon River up to the Dam with many views points like the one above, very camera friendly and well worth it for the very quiet and peaceful view at the top.

Topsham Telephone Box

Topsham Telephone BoxThis is a photo I took quite a while ago, I’m not sure why I have never posted it before, I always look at it, like it, but don’t post it perhaps it’s the blown out sky? Well today I thought why not. I know I could probably enhance the sky but don’t want to play with it any more.
This is in Topsham about half way down a little road to a view point of the estuary.


Exmouth Coast

Exmouth CoastAnother photo from the coast of Exmouth on the windy Saturday morning, without a spec of sand in sight and the roads closed along the front.


….Went the wave to the bench.

A trip down to Exmouth on a very windy morning, I now need to go and clean my camera lens.

Exeter Twinned City Badge

Exeter & Yaroslavl
The twinned city badge on a railing of a foot bridge on the main road into Exeter City.
I have been in Exeter for over 12 years now and through taking this photo I now know that Exeter is twinned with a Russian town called Yaroslavl (I’m not sure why the badge has it spelt with a J, all sites I have seen have it with a Y)
The writing in the circle says #DevonYouth as you might guess this isn’t part of the badge.



This photo is a crop from a much larger scale photo with 5 graveyard crosses pretty much in alignment. Honestly I didn’t like my original photo and I had a play about with it and came up with this abstract take on it. It’s good to see something else in a photo that initially I discarded.

Weathered Purple Rose

Purple Rose
A material purple rose, nicely aged and weathered in the sun.
Not really a joyful Easter weekend photo but I like the photo and I hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

Spring Is Here – Daffodils

Daffodil Close Up

There are finally some sunny blue skies in Devon and on the weekend I managed to get out with the camera. I took many photos of the daffodils but I like this one the best. I wasn’t sure about the one below but after having a play with it in LightRoom, a bit of cropping and having a look through the pre-sets to get ideas, I like how this turned out.

Daffodil Field

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